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Here are the beta versions of memory cleaner.

Extreme gamers edition download is the better version of The True Memory Cleaner.


office editon (the smaller one)


Trouble Downloading?

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These are only betas. In a few weeks the proper versions will be here please hold on!!!!

The True Memory Cleaner

The true memory Cleaner was originally made for the NFS Games because I had many Graphical and memory problems with the game so I made the original Memory Cleaner, It did work and Inproved the graphical and memory performance of the game. In version 3 we improved the original structure alot. It basically was 2X as effective as before. Memory Cleaner only affects the memory in a computer but the Ram from a computer is directly related to graphics in a game as well as the overall performance of a pc and its functions and programs.

 When a program is closed even when you start windows, the program or source will leave traces in the memory, Memory Cleaner removes these traces of not in use memory, saving you RAM and making your graphics card perform to its best during a game and the game run alot smoother with out damaging your windows files or any other program files through out your PC, it will only take the traces left behind. "The True Memory Cleaner" is not more then 10KB (in current versions at the moment) in total which is rely little space and it is reliable. The True Memory Cleaner is under coppy right laws, to SchoolYard Studios.

It works best after programs have been loaded and exited, but with games you must run it first then the game. You used to have to restart the computer  but Memory Cleaner works better than restarting the computer but after running a big game it is advised to restart the computer. 

There are 2 vertions coming out.

The current version (V2.99 or V3) has been tested on:

Far Cry 2 

Timeshift Game

NFS Most Wanted

NFS Carbon

NFS Prostreet

Harry Potter 2 and 4

Trackmania United Forever

Fifa 06

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Simcity 3000

The Movies

Jason Chalom (TRex22).

All copyrights to their respective owners. Memory Cleaner and the slogan The True Memory Cleaner is copyrighted to Jason Chalom and SchoolYard Studios. (including Amir Shneor but programed by Jason Chalom and Jonathan Levin.) All copy right laws apply