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The best tweaks for your pc............cheaper

These tweaks and tips are not all free but are cheaper than most tweaks and important stufff.....

1 Thermal grease, that pic is a liquid syringe of the thermal grease you put this stuff in between the cpu and cpu fan. This stuff is pretty important to keep the cpu cool. You need to be able to put a computer to gether and be quite advanced in computers, like a tech because you have to be able to take your pc apart and remove the cpu fan. You could just go to a tech. Thermal gel/grease can be quite cheap and you can get really expensive stuff. Rather buy the Intel Thermal grease it should be reasonably priced and personnaly I would say it is the best.


2 If you have a good graphics card with VGA  (blue 15 holed plug) and DVI (white square plug) but you only have a VGA CRT (big fat older screen) or a LCD or Plasma screen that is only VGA then you should get an adapter from DVI to VGA even if you have a VGA plug but also if you only have two DVI plugs on your graphics card (really new ones.) Ok This one is an Asus adapter. P/N:04G2620001F0. It is not that expensive but for an adapter it might be. It is useful if you are a pc gamer and need better graphics or if you have an old screen but no Vga plug.

3 Use The true memory cleaner. (click Memory Cleaner) Right now there is a version of memory cleaner out that might be a bit hard to use but we are working hard to bring out a completely new Memory Cleaner. We advise you to not download Memory Cleaner as its being tested at the present moment, we will let you know when it is avalible.

4. Instead of buying a new expensive pc box or getting a custom made one, you can use your own box or buy a cheap one (preferably a black box) and customize it much cheaper than buying it looking cool. You can get a stencil or make one of something you would like on your pc box and sketch it out with pencil and then colour it in with a silver or coloured marker or paint it. If you really want to go far search google for a pc box modding site and see how pros do it.

This will be updated regulary